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Our Portfolio

Kitewaka River
Kou Small Hydro Project
Ruaha River

Kitewaka Hydro Project

  • Project Company: Ludewa Clean Energy Limited

  • Project: 5.39 MW run of river hydro facility

  • Location: Ludewa District, Njombe Region,Tanzania

  • Generation: 33,500,000 kWh / annum

Rift Valley Projects

  • Project Company: Power Matrix Corporation Limited

  • Projects: A cluster of 4 run-of-river hydro projects with an estimated capacity of 17MW

  • Location: Mbulu & Babati Districts, Manyara Region Tanzania


  • Generation: 75,000,000 kWh / annum

Ruaha Projects

  • Project Company: Federal Power Matrix Ltd 

  • Projects: 3 run-of-river projects with an estimated capacity of 18MW on rivers in the Great Ruaha River Basin

  • Location: Njombe Region, Tanzania


  • Generation: 100,000,000 kWh / annum

Other Projects

  • 10 run-of-river hydro projects with generation capacity between 1 and 10 MW

  • Located in different water basins in Tanzania.

  • At various stages of development.

  • Exploring opportunities in Zambia.

  • Solar, wind, and biomass technology projects.

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