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Other Projects

Tanzanian Hydro

In addition to the Kitewaka, Rift Valley and Ruaha projects, we have identified other sites in Tanzania suitable for implementing hydroelectric  generation projects.  ​The projects' capacities range from 1 to 10 megawatts.

The projects are in various stages of development with most having water permits and the others having made applications for water permits. Obtaining water permits is a key to securing a site and then proceeding with other development work.

Some of the projects will offer the opportunity to build a mini-grid to supply communities not connected to the national grid.

Other Countries and Technologies

Our initial focus has been on small hydro (less than 10 megawatt) projects. We are now investigating opportunities for wind, solar and biomass technologies.

We are also exploring the renewable energy sector in Zambia where the regulatory framework has many similarities to that in Tanzania.

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