Kitewaka Hydro Project

The Kitewaka Project is located in the Ludewa District, Njombe Region, in southwest Tanzania. The Ludewa District is to be connected to the national electricity grid in late 2018 and had previously been supplied electricity with diesel generators. There are a number of large mining projects being developed in the Ludewa District which the Project could supply electricity.


The Kitewaka Project is a relatively low head (difference in elevation between water intake and powerhouse) project, however with the proposed design the the large waterflow of the Kitewaka River will allow the Project to generate 33.5 MWh in an average year and 27.8 MWh in a low waterflow year. 

The Project's development is well advanced with the Renewable Energy Performance Platform providing technical and financial support; financial close is expected in the first quarter of 2020 and construction to start in the second quarter 2020.

Project in Brief

  • Project Company:  Ludewa Clean Energy Limited 

  • Project:  5.39 MW run of river hydro

  • Location:  Ludewa District, Njombe Region Tanzania

  • Generation:  33,500,000 kWh / annum

  • Total Investment: US$ 21 million

  • Start of Construction: April 2020

  • Planned Completion:  March 2022

  • The Project Company will sell its generation to the Tanzanian Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) under a 25-year SPPA with a tariff set in US$.


Water Permit

Letter of Intent for PPA

Preliminary Environmental Assessment

Provisional Generation Licence

Land Title (99-year lease)

Feasibility Study

REPP Support Agreement

Investment Certificate

SPPA Execution

ESIA (IFC/EIB Standards)

Financial Close

Start of Construction

Commercial Operation









May 2019

January 2020

March 2020

April 2020

April 2022

Investment Requirement

  • Total completion cost of $21 million is expected to be funded with $6 million of equity and $15 million of debt sourced from development banks.

  • The project is a commercially viable investment with projected cash flows that will allow it to service its debt and provide a healthy rate of return to equity investors.

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